Monday, October 8, 2012

Kitchen Makeover: Before and After

I have been Super excited to post this Amazing before and after story. I am in total envy of this Kitchen Makeover.  My sister (Kim) and her other half (Rob) recently purchased their first home together.  This new old house is a split level style built in 1957 and contained most of its original fixturing. They made the purchase with the intention of fixing up this wonderful house over time.  They knew this old house had great bones and that over the next few years they could make it their own and turn it into a place they are proud to call their "home."  First up on the fix up list was the KITCHEN! I think most of us can agree that the kitchen is the hub of the household.  I thought it was a smart decision and great place to start so it would be the first area complete. 
I think I was just as excited as they were when it came time for the kitchen renovations to start. Since I am still a renter I have not yet been able to turn any room into my exact dream space.  This was my chance I thought! haha.  They were nice enough to let me help with opinions on color pallets and lay-out options.  Of course I dove right in willing and extremely excited to be involved in anyway possible.  They really took the bull by the horns and finished this project in just 2 months.  I have to say for first time renovators they did a wonderful job collaborating ideas, being decisive about lay-out choices and materials all while staying within their budget.  The end result is beautiful so scroll down and check out the progression of how it all came together.

OLD Kitchen: The original kitchen was complete with rustic wooden cabinets with black wrought iron handles, metal appliances, laminate formica (boomerang) couter-tops, linoleum flooring and lets not forget the wooden paneling around the entire kitchen and breakfast area. - I apologize for the poor picture quality of the before shots.  They are from the Home inspection report since I was unable to be in the area before the kitchen renovations began.

The main objective was to open up the kitchen space.  Ultimately this was achieved by extending into the breakfast nook, adding floor to ceiling french doors, using a light color pallet and adding 2 additional windows along the empty wall.  
And now for the renovations......
Everything original was removed. Dry wall and  French doors were installed to provide more light.
Next the ceramic tile floor placed and grouted.
Cabinets were installed, walls were painted and 2 windows installed along right wall. 
The Refrigerator is in the space where the wall oven used to be.  They opted for a free standing range.
Soon to be filled with several bottles of vino.
The neutral colors in the tile and granite help to tie in the color of the ceramic tile flooring
Towards the end of the renovations Kim and Rob had fun adding additional small details such as these shelves and the wine rack.  
The French doors help in providing beautiful sunshine and natural light for the kitchen.
I LOVE the pop of color from the teal light pendants.  My sister plans to add other teal decor to the room.
Here you can see that there is an additional small counter top & wall unit towards the
 entrance of the kitchen from the living room.
View of the Kitchen from the dining room with cabinet lighting in effect.

NEW Kitchen: The renovated kitchen consists of white wooden Cabinets by American Woodmark (Gettysburg collection), Hardware found at Home Depot, stainless steel Appliances by Kemmore, granite Countertops by StoneMasters, ceramic Tile Backsplash found at Home Depot and ceramic tile Flooring by Marazzi also found at Home Depot.
There are still minor details being added such as new bar stools that match the kitchen a bit more. Also there is a possibility that  that some additional cabinetry may be added along the left empty wall. Kim and Rob thought it would be best to feel out the space of the kitchen before adding anymore components.  Overall they saved money by having a handy friend do all of the labor and by choosing all materials used from different vendors based on personal preference, quality and value.  Oh and doing some of your own Demo work is always a big $$$ saver.  Who wouldn't want the opportunity to take out all of your stress and inner anger on banging out and demolishing your kitchen cabinets and countertops.  Kim and Rob are extremely happy with their remodeled kitchen.  Kim said "It didn't feel like home until we cooked our first meal in the new kitchen."

I would love to hear about any of your Kitchen makeover stories.  Please share :)


  1. I can't believe the difference - The kitchen is gorgeous!! I love the backsplash tiles they selected and the white makes the room so light and airy!

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  4. I used to be an interior architect, so this post is so inspirational. I love it and the new kitchen looks amazing!!!


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