Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY: ChalkBoard Calendar

So we all know there is quite a chalboard craze these days.  I mean people are using chalkboard paint on everything from canisters, kitchen cabinets, and even entire walls.  I have long been a lover of chalkboards and have wanted one for quite some time now.  I wasn't sure where I could fit a large chalkboard and it didn't really make sense to just buy one without a for sure spot.  I have definitely been feeling on the disorganized side ever since we moved. I thought it may be cool to get organized on a CHALKBOARD!  hey why not?  You can make anything into a chalkboard with trusty chalkboard paint.  I opted for the spray chalkboard paint since I heard you can sometimes see the brush marks with the traditional kind.  
The biggest hurdle was coming up with the best object to use for such a project and the color in which I should paint it.  Well, I immediately thought that a glass paneled window would be easiest or even a mirror but both looking a little pricey for something with an unknown outcome.  I ultimately went with a distressed white picture frame from Pier 1 Imports with six windows.  Since there are 7 days of the week Saturday and Sunday had to share a window.  If I had found an 8 paneled window frame I think it would have been better and there would be an extra window for suggestion to anyone who finds one - use it. The color I chose was metallic metal to try and match my kitchen island hardware.  It wasn't a perfect match but it works for now.  I may change the color eventually.

Here is the white frame that I started with.  I then took a piece of basic sand paper and sanded it down a bit more to create and even more distressed look.
I removed the glass windows and painted them with the chalboard paint.  I let it dry overnight.
I spray painted the white frame with the metallic paint and let it dry over night.  The next day I distressed it a bit more with sandpaper. I wanted to make more cracks in the paint for some black paint to soak in.  I thought adding black paint  may make the gold paint appear more like an aged metal. 
 I sprayed a black paint into a bucket and then a bit of gold to lighten it to a gun metal color. I then used a small brush to apply the gun metal color into the distressed parts of the wood.  I did not completely cover the frame I randomly chose spots to apply the dark paint so it didn't look unnatural.
About 30 minutes after the gunmetal color was applied, I gave one final Metallic coat to even out the surface.
 I let the whole thing dry overnight.  The next morning I inserted the NOW chalkboard windows back into the frame.
Now for the fun part.  Time to draw the calendar.  This can obviously be done in anyway you see fit.  Below is the format I chose and a close-up of the final paint texture.

I am sure there are several ways to distress and re-paint.  This was my first time so if you have any suggestions as to a method that may work better please suggest away, I am all ears.  Like I said before I may repaint this another color or may strip and stain it a dark brown like the perimeter of the kitchen island it is resting upon.  I like change and get bored often :) Also I thought it would be cool to put a metal plate and the very top-middle of the frame and spray paint with chalkboard paint, this could be used to label the calendar month.  
To the right are the paint products that I used. (Krylon chalboard paint, Krylon black satin indoor/outdoor,& Rust-oleum metallic paint.)


  1. Brilliant! Fun, cute, and easy!!!

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  3. Chalkboard paint is heaven-sent in my opinion! I would paint a whole dang wall if i could!! Maybe one day. Such a great idea for a calender!!

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