Friday, September 7, 2012

Vintage Necklace Makeover

There it is in the fourth compartment of this wooden box.  I already missed it somehow in the past when I took this photo for my last Vintage Post.  It is a beauty of a necklace and just what I have been looking for, well except with a few minor changes.   Where did I find it? -  MackeyBlue of course, my fave vintage spot as I have mentioned before.  
I am very picky about jewelry, especially necklaces. I have been on the hunt for a statement necklace for quite some time now.   I always have intentions of buying a statement necklace but never can find one that I feel suits me without being totally crazy or over the top (out of my personal comfort zone).  While I don't really blog about jewelry it was the project that came about that I felt I should share.  This necklace was made to be a double layer piece, however it felt too snug against my neck when wearing it that way.  I thought if I could stretch it out and attach something pretty to the hook on the end then I may just have my dream statement necklace.  AND that is exactly what happened.  I found the perfect Broach!  It's amazing what a little crazy glue can do. Scroll down to see how it turned out ;)

I love the beautiful and colorful details of the beading.

What a gem!

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  1. Love it..think I am going to do something like this with the pins I just purchased : )