Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brooklyn = A Few Good Finds

Things have been quite hectic trying to get the apartment furnished and together.  While still waiting for some furniture to arrive we have been able to do some fun shopping for home decor and accessories.  Taking a take a trip out to Brooklyn over the lovely sunny weekend proved to be a success when the hubby and I returned with some super cool items to add to the new diggs.  Atlantic Avenue is jammed packed with nifty stores sure to accommodate anyone's taste.  We made a special effort to check out DARR.  This is a unique antique shop.  It is not your typical thrifty vintage store that has piles upon piles of stuff lining the isles.  It has a very neat & organized way of presenting itself.  If I had a bottomless wallet I probably would have walked out with a few more trinkets and definitely a mirror or 2.  The owner is is very knowledgeable about each and every piece in the store.  This place is sure to NOT dissappoint.  

The final take-homes were some beautiful decorative porcelain jars, an ancient Indian bowl and a few tortoise shell pieces to organize accessories.
We placed these Jars on the top of our tall bedroom dresser.  I really love the colors and the contrast of each Jar.

This was perhaps my favorite purchase of the day and maybe my most treasured unique find yet.  We were told that this bowl was used traditionally by Indian women to hold their kumkum or sindoor powder.  They then would use the mirror on the inner part of the lid to apply a bindi dot to their forehead.  So cool!
Tortoise Shell organization.
Another noteworthy destination along Atlantic avenue was GREENHOUSE.  We stumbled upon this place as we were leaving DARR and expecting to head directly back home.  This spot carries only eco-friendly home accessories and furnishings.  If you are a very green person like me, you would definitely appreciate this store and all it's efforts to maintain such high quality and earth-friendly products.  I was drawn to the large variety of fab fabrics as well as several accessories along the walls.  I particularly loved the antique gold jungle animal knick knacks, and I am not typically a knick knack type of person. Our final take-home items were these adorable mix and match linen coasters (gingham, plaid and stripe.)  They are perfect and still manly enough for my husband to like as well :)

Hope you find something cool and unique on your next outing.  Happy Treasure Hunting!


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  2. So glad I found your blog - your purchases were amazing. Those pottery pieces are timeless! -- Jan

  3. Whoa whoa whoa! This place looks amazing!!! A store filled with treasures!

  4. Those jars are beautiful. Great finds!
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