Thursday, September 20, 2012

Travel Tips and Essentials

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This week I am off on Holiday, well vacation to most of you but doesn't "Holiday" sound so much cooler!?  I've always wanted to say that.   I thought I would post an entry on travel since after all that is what I am up to right now and this is my one big trip of the year.  I am excited to say that Maui will be my home away from home for this week.
Anyway, packing is something that I dread to the highest degree.  It creates stress  and indecisiveness for me.  While I absolutely love to travel, the anxiety of the preparation can really become overwhelming if I am not properly prepared.   Over the years I have learned a few tricks that help to ease my stress at least partially.  Oh and I should mention that I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe and a suitcase hoarder as you will see.

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 Making a packing list is a must if you want to feel secure about packing everything you need. It can also serve as a reminder for any last minute items that you may need to purchase for your travels. There are several various types of packing lists out there that can help you get your packing routine organized from the start. Here is one list in particular that I like. Also you can find the packing checklist above at Give Simple.   I  start gradually setting things aside for my trip 1 week prior to traveling.

The bag line-up
Choosing the proper bag is key.  How long will you be away?, is this trip warm weather or cold?, do you have to carry-on?  All of these factors should help you choose the right sized bag. My bag of choice is always a rolling Duffle bag because of it's ability to expand and create ample space. Burton makes several great rolling duffles in my opinion.  I have way to many suitcases (above) to choose from which I why I referred to myself as a suitcase hoarder. All shown in this pic are Burton bags.  Ultimately I went with the small black bag above but in a plaid version for this trip.  This bag is small enough to be a carry-on which I needed since I only have 45 minutes between landing and my connection flight.  I am not going to offer tips on how to actually pack your suitcase since I struggle myself as an over-packer.  I am all ears for your tips!
If you have products that you are very particular about, invest in the travel size.  This is my face regimen.  I bought the travel size to try it out the first time.  When I knew I liked this product I bought the full size and saved the minis for traveling. Now I can always refill the minis with the full sized products.  Using all travel sized toiletries really saves suitcase space (for that extra pair of heels you really want to squeeze in.)
Above are my carry-on personal essentials.
Having the perfect carry-on bag cuts down my stress level tremendously. I almost always go with a large tote bag that can fit all of my essentials and also another small purse.  Here is what you will find in my bag:
1. Downy Wrinkle releaser (in case you need to de-wrinkle promptly after de-planing)
2. Mini Lysol spray for the fabric seating on the plane. 
3. Clorox wipes to wipe down everything on the plane from the seatbelt to the tray table. 
4. Evian spray to keep your face hydrated during the flight. 
5. Tide to go pen for unexpected spills and stains 
6. Purell for obvious reasons 
7. Travel sized perfume roller 
8. Gum for ear popping prevention 
9. Lipgloss for moisturized lips with a hint of color
10. Socks (If I am not wearing any)

Above are my carry-on basic essentials.
1. Lap-top
2. Charger 
3. Phone
4. Phone charger
5. Headphones
6. Sunglasses 
7. Camera
8. Camera charger
9. Book
10. Pen and paper 
11. ID and/or Passport 
12. Keys (not shown)
13. Wallet (not shown)
14. Jewelry (not shown)

The perfect traveling outfit is a personal choice for everyone.  I prefer comfort but not to the degree of looking like I just rolled out of bed, though PJs always sound temptingly cozy. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda look like a slob in the above pic but I was running on no sleep.  I prefer to wear layers since the plane temperature is always somewhat unpredictable.  I usually opt for comfortable jeans, a light t-shirt or blouse, a cardigan or light jacket, and flats since they are easily removable for security. You can also check out Cupcakes and Cashmere where Emily Schuman offers great tips on what to wear to the airport and other helpful travel hints. 

To Sum it all up:
1. Make a packing list
2. Choose the proper sized suitcase
3. Use travel sized toiletries
4. Create your perfect carry-on bag
5. Wear the perfect outfit for your flight

I would Love to hear if you have any tricks to traveling, please do share.
Have a great rest of the week! :)


  1. Awesome!!! Where are you going? Safe travels!

    1. Thanks! In Maui for a week but its been raining everyday. Hope its gets better:0

  2. I really need to travel more. Mr. A always gets after me because I have Overpackers Syndrome. I pack four bags for a two-day trip.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. I know I always over pack but this time I actually managed to pack into a carry on sized bag and I am fine. Its always easier when your traveling to a warm spot, less bulky clothing. It's a girl problem:)

  3. AHH!! What are you talking about, you look adorable in your travel outfit! I love your plaid suitcase! That thing is perfect for spotting on the carousel and it's such a fun pattern. Maui?! AMAZING!! How long are you there for? Hopefully you're getting some sun before or after that rain :)

    1. Hey thanks! Be back Sunday morning. We leave here Saturday evening - long flight. Don't wanna come back :(

  4. Oh, this is ABSOLUTELY perfect! I'm leaving to go to Taiwan next month and I can definitely use these ace packing tips. Kind of wish I saw this before I went to Mexico about two weeks ago, but oh well, haha. Fantastic post; very helpful and informative! :)

    With love from San Francisco, California,

  5. Packing always overwhelms me - and takes a good few hours! Have a great trip :)


  6. Thanks for the great travel tips - they will come in handy whn I head off on holidays next month!
    Have a fabulous time - I have been a couple of times so I know you will have a ball!
    Melissah from Country Style Chic

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