Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doors & Stoops

I have long been intrigued by doors and stoops.  Perhaps it's simply because the door is the first thing you see when approaching a house.  I love the array of colors and the intricate wood-work of the frames.  I even appreciate those doors that are chippity-chipped & in ramshackle condition yet giving off a shabby chic aura.   Living in a city area always makes for a good showing of doors and stoops with character at every door-step.  Each house is so different and longs to stand out on its own. 
There definitely seemed to be an infinite amount of doors in different shades of blue.  I discovered this while out photographing randomly over the summer.  I found these particular blue doors to be so charming.  While I love them all for their uniqueness I happen to adore the shiny black-oil paint doors for their simplicity but boldness against a bright red-brick wall.  I hope you find these pictures inspiring for the next time you decide to paint or replace your front Door.


  1. There's such incredible character in each of these doors!!! Beautiful and intricate detail!

  2. Thanks for giving me this site! You do a great job as well! Let's continuing sharing ideas.