Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Temporary Home Sweet Abode

My burning passion for home decorating has been put on hold for awhile.  My husband and I have recently moved into a new apartment (2 months ago) and decided to start completely anew.  When I say "Anew" I mean we purged all of our old furniture amongst other things and decided to start from scratch.  Sounds like a good idea RIGHT?  Well, try going 2 months with no furniture except cardboard boxes and some camping chairs LOL.  It makes me chuckle actually when I picture how the 2 of us must look going through the motions of a typical day. I must say that we have been creative with what we have and have managed to make the most of it.  This apartment is by no means a "home" just  yet but Stay Tuned for when the furniture arrives and the decorating begins - 3 Weeks and counting! 

  The pics posted below can give you an idea of how life unpacked has been.  I am definitely in LOVE with our new place and can't wait to get settled in. 

This is where most of our meals take place. Its works for now, can't complain.

The Kitchen is small but maximizes all of its space.

The Living Room not yet unpacked

Other side of the Living Room.  Don't be jealous, its an inflatable bed for a couch haha

I was instantly sold on this apartment just by the intricate details throughout.

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  1. The crown molding really stands out here. I like the grand entrance and the architecture. Your kitchen looks very clean and organized. I'm really looking forward to your decorating tips as I am beginning to reach that stage myself.